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Moisturizing Lip Gloss (Assorted)

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Flavor - Dragon Fruit Lemonade


New Dragonfruit Lemonade gloss is inspired by the Starbucks drink! A tart and fruity taste identical to the real deal A beautiful warm fuchsia with dragonfruit slices in every tube!

Pink lemonade is a lemonade scented gloss with pink lemon clay decals in every tube. Applies clear.

New Strawberry Banana Smoothie gloss is a creamy and moisturizing strawberry banana scented gloss with strawberry and banana slices in every tube! Applies clear.

The Strawberry Coconut Milk gloss is a fun strawberry coconut scented sheer white lip gloss. Super cute strawberry decals are mixed in with our lip gloss base. Applies smooth, and is long lasting!
- This product is NOT edible. This is strictly for cosmetic use and not to be ingested.
- Decals are made of polymer clay and are inside the gloss tube with the lip gloss base.
- Gloss tubes contains stoppers to prevent decals from coming out.
- Private labelling is not offered.
- Product arrives in individual box packaging.