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Squeeze Wax (Assorted Scents)

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Scent - Clove


Squeeze Wax

Sunkissed-Know what that amazing coconut suntan lotion and oil smells like in the summer? We have replicated it with creamy coconut and a dash of kola nut. Trust us. This is the suntan lotion scent that you love all year long but especially in the summer!

Wanderlust-Wanderlust makes us want to road trip out west in a convertible and explore all the desert has to offer. Rich cactus blossom nectar is rounded out with musk and sandalwood and fills this scent with adventure and open roads. We offered cactus blossom squeeze wax last year and our customers begged us to bring it into all of our products. We delivered.
Outlaw- Dixie Grace tips her hat to all the outlaws that came before us with this new blend of water, musk, greens, and birch. Outlaw is fresh and invigorating like the outdoors, but no florals here. While slightly masculine, it’s a great unisex scent.

High Society
We have taken a hearty wood base, blended it with magnolia blooms, and finished it out with ripe peaches off the vine. It’s not too much of any one scent and settles into the senses delicately while staying bold.